"And they [the believers on earth] overcame him [Satan] by the blood of the Lamb and by the Word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death." (Rev 12:11)

Do you personally want to take part in the defeat of Satan on earth? If you do, I have some good news; otherwise you might as well close this window now.

In the week that past I realized something that has never been as clear to me as it is now (well I've never been the coldest beer in the six-pack; he he he). The Lord has shown me that we as Christians need to start talking about what we believe.

How many times have we listened to someone pour their heart out, spilling their guts about all their problems, and all we do is shake our heads saying "Yea man that really sucks". It's time we start sharing our knowledge of Jesus? saving power and stop worrying whether the world think we’re weirdoes. God revealed it to me that if we really believe, we won’t care. If you see a blind guy that is about to climb into an empty elevator shaft you will make a complete nut of yourself screaming & running towards him to stop him. Why then if we see people hurt, in trouble and generally traveling 100 mph on a highway to hell we sit back, take a sip of coffee, pop a nice Christian CD into the stereo & ignore the pain around us? If you believe hell is real, do you care about others? Jesus said do unto others what you want done to yourself, and you probably don’t want to go to hell. (Please note that I?m preaching to myself here as well!)

The same goes for giving testimony of how God is helping you. Check out all the promises in the Bible (There are books available listing all of them ” check out your nearest Christian bookshop). Take a stand in faith & believe that the Lord God will come through for you. Like Relient K says: "This is how I choose to live ” as if I?m jumping off a cliff ” knowing that you’ll save me". That is how Jesus wants us to live. It is natural for people to talk from experience. People listen to you when you talk from experience. How on earth then do we expect people to listen to us when that if we eventually talk about how God works, all we do is share stories about some faith legends and how God helped them. We talk about the power of God like it has nothing to do with us and it is only for a select few super-spiritual people. Realize that the power of the name of Jesus is for us all ” but it comes with great responsibility.

Trust in Jesus, make sure that what you ask is in His will, and when (not if) he comes through for you ” TESTIFY. People will take an interest in Christianity if they can see God working miraculously in our lives. This will only start to happen when the whole religious fa?ade gets destroyed and we get real. The world out there is real and people don't care if we know all the right songs and how many pieces of scripture we have memorized. These things will definitely mean a lot you, and it is important that you do them, but for the lost they mean nothing. We need to be Jesus for them so that they can start living in faith themselves. Was Jesus passive? Jesus is the Son of God, the most Holy of Holy, Lord of all! Yet he manifested Himself into flesh and bone like us, but more than that ” he didn’t hang out with the holy Joe’s of that time! No ” He went to show the mercy of God to the helpless. He could easily have created an island in the middle of the ocean, relaxed with a drink in one hand, soaking up the sun. But He chose to climb into the pit of human despair and give an example for those to follow. Who are we then to think that we don't have to do anything? Jesus died so that you can live for Him. He didn’t die so that you can live for your own selfish desires!

Sorry ” kinda got off the point there, but I'm sure this is the Holy Spirit guiding me as I am writing. It's strange ” it's like I'm just typing, not knowing what I'll write next…

Anyway… That's it for now ” remember: take your life up to the Lord's level. Do try & bring down God to the level of your life. He may come down to pick you up, but if you choose to stay low ” He won't. Share with the people around what the Lord does for you. Listen to the Holy Spirit. He will create situations for you if you ask Him, but be sincere. Again ” listen to the Holy Spirit as to what to say. Sometimes you have to be subtle ” sometimes straight forward, sometimes you have to keep your mouth shut! Let the Holy Spirit guide you. Do not miss an opportunity. I still get nervous talking about God to non-Christians, but every time it is like the Holy Spirit just takes over. I say things that I don't even know I knew and it is as if the knowledge I possess of the Lord just fall into place & I know exactly what to say to them. The Word says that the Holy Spirit will tell you what to say when you have no idea what to say ” especially if you are being persecuted (even when ridiculed) for following Him (Luk 12:11-12).

Don't give up when you fail & miss a chance. There will be others, remember and learn from your mistakes. Be sensitive to those around you and always speak with love. Make them realize you talk to them about these things because you genuinely care for them & want to see their lives fixed, not because you want them to be part of a "club". Make them realize that you want nothing in return for helping them. They will not understand why, but they will be thankful none the less. Tell them to thank the Lord. When you testify what the Lord did for you ” always make them realize that you did not deserve it ” it was by the grace of God alone and that the same grace applies for them!

Thanks for reading through all of this – I’ll try and make it shorter next time!

'till later

Guest Writer