Soul Winning (Part 1)

Well hello beautiful people. It has been a minute has it not? After a three-week stint out of state I returned home just in time to see my brother, who was on leave from his military duties in Japan. It was wonderful seeing those I had not seen in ages. 

But back to business. 

While in town visiting my parents, I came across some old sermons my Great Grandfather J.C. had written in the '60s as a pastor.

It was nothing short of brilliant, so I thought I would share a bit of what I found. 

As a disclaimer, much of the information provided in this series comes directly from my grandfather's mind. I am nowhere near as creative nor bright as this man was, and the only reason I am sharing this on a site that I write for is because the information it contains needs to be part of every Christian's arsenal. This is why we exist. So it begins. 

  "Perhaps the most appalling lack in the Church today is that so few members are effective in communicating the message of the Gospel. Only a small fraction of professing Christians are able to lead a soul to Christ.

"There can be no greater reason for soul-winning than that Christ commands it and expects it. As his servant, you lack the ability to ignore it. 

"Why are you a Christian? Not merely that you might be saved. Not even that you may enjoy a Christian Life but that through you the Holy Spirit may touch another life for the glory of God. The world is lost. Totally lost. And lost men, as a servant of God, are YOUR RESPONSIBILTY!

"In Hebrews 13:17 we are told to be 'watchers for souls.' 

"Watching suggests: (1) Be ready to act swiftly and decisively;

(2) Have a longing to help;

(3) [Have a] Continual devotion to the Love and devotion of Christ." 



We are to find the lost and bring them to light! We have strayed so far from this idea that most don't even know where to begin! I know that I don't. But through a man we are going to learn together. 

In the next few parts of these devotionals we will become Soul Winners. 

Who is ready for this challenge? 

Are you ready to be fishers of men? 

The next six devotionals will teach us. 

Strap in. 

Because this is demanded of you. 


If you need answers, contact me. My email is always open. 

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