Sniff Sniff

As I sat at a table staring out at a Costa Rican backdrop, I started my not-so-normal jungle time with Jesus. Usually my devotional time is spent in a completely different jungle, the jungle of local coffee houses with kids that are way too "Indie" for their own good. This week, however, I got to spend my time in the Word in a completely different place. As I read a story I had encountered many times before, something different, new, and fresh hit me that I hadn't ever noticed. This moment came in one verse.

Genesis 8:21:
21 And the Lord was pleased with the aroma of the sacrifice and said to himself, “I will never again curse the ground because of the human race, even though everything they think or imagine is bent toward evil from childhood. I will never again destroy all living things."

Right after God had destroyed all of creation, and all He left behind was a pair of each animal and a humble man named Noah and his family to inherit the earth, God takes a big whiff and smiles…

The God of The Universe has nostrils.

First off, I find it incredibly important to remember that this is the first sacrifice made before the Lord after ALL of mankind had been erased. We know that God did not accept offerings that were not up to par or were not the first or best offerings that people could make. The ever-so-common story of the competitive siblings, Cain and Abel, shows this concept well. The scripture uses terminology that I find beautiful and overwhelming. It has that God was pleased with the "smell" of Noah's offering.

God has senses.
Recently, I was shopping for my girlfriend at a store that has scared me from the first time I went into it, which was before a 7th grade dance. At this popular women's store (apparently men's as well) I went in to buy my first bottle of cologne. I was scared and intimidated as I walked down the aisles surrounded by older women while looking for the perfect scent to attract dancing partners the following night. I saw a bottle on display with asport's icon Michael Jordan's face on it and I was sold. I didn't care what it smelled like. If I was going to smell like Michael Jordan does when he was at the club, I was in. I think every awkward teen that following night had the same idea that I did; that dance had an aroma of a trashy Miami night club, and I loved every second of it.

So, as I was walking around and smelling the many different scents of women's purfumes (I was really picking out a gift for myself and not the girlfriend because I'm the one who had to smell it), I started to notice that It was pretty easy to separate the smells I liked and didn't. I walked out confidently with her new scent, a free bath robe, and actually got a cologne for myself as well. You know you're a ridiculously corny couple when you have matching his and hers scents, and at some point I got over it.

The Point is we can easily seperate what smells are attractive to us or not. Whether it is the smell of an In-N-Out, which most people can sniff out from a mile away (sorry non-Californians), or the smell of skunk, we can determine whether the scent is pleasing or not. It makes me look at my life and ask: is the aroma of my life (sacrifice) pleasing to the nostrils of GOD. Does it smell good? Does it smell bad… or is it senseless? I think these all are questions that I should start asking of my life. Sense–whether smell, taste, sight, touch, or sound–envoke emotion in our lives. It can be a horrible smell or a touch from a loved one, but our senses bring on a certain emotion. The Creator Of All has senses that are affected by the way we live life. So, we must ask ourselves…

Does my life smell good?

And by the way, I kept the robe for myself.

Forever Changed,
Ryan DesJardin

Guest Writer