Play your part in the Song

This won't be longwinded (i think, we'll see by the end of it). It's just a thought, something to muse upon throughout the day. But recently through a growing Christian personality I have heard that a good way to think of God is as a song. A lullaby or hymn that grabs our attention, a song that we simply cannot seem to get out of our heads once we learn to listen for it.

It's kind of like buying a new cd, with a song on it that you could listen to on constant repeat, a song that you could wake up to, fall asleep to, get pumped to, and chill out to. You know, a song that is perfect to listen to any time of the day.

Let God be that song for you. That melody that is sometimes as faint as a whisper but still grabs our attention. Theology sometimes gets in the way of doing Christianity, psst, guess what? There is no need for elaborate words if the simple truths can be conveyed simply. God is like a song, a lullaby, a melody that can grab our attention from a crowded room and remind us of the fact that this song is bigger than you or me, and has been playing on and on, orchestrating everything that is good around us.

We are a part of this song. We are instruments that have the option of either doing nothing good or play our own part in the song that helps others hear the melody of Christ's passion for the first time or for the umpteenth time.

Recently in the sunday school i heard a question that was fantastic. The student asked, "Do I have to love everyone? Even my enemies? Well, I know that I love my dad but not my mom, do I have to love her also?"

To which the teacher replied, "If Christ is like a song, a melody that is even more beautiful than Bethoven or Bach, and if we are intruements that can join this beautiful orchestra that is playing to His glory… hmm, wait, no, here's a thought, do you ever like to hear an instrument that is horribly out of tune playing notes that it shouldn't be playing anyways at the wrong times in the song? You know, an instrument that messes up the song, do you like to listen to those instruments?"


"Then I don't think that God appreciates us not doing things as that should."

The Bible is our musical score. Get in tune with the song. Drop what is keeping you from playing your part. Get to know the musical score so well that it is as though it is written on you heart. Apologize for messing the Song up earlier, and do your best to play your part in the Song correctly, and keep your eyes upon the conductor, Jesus, and then you will hear the most beautiful thing that you will have ever heard.

And that beautiful thing is Jesus saying, "Well done my good and faithful servant."

And so now, may you, under the guidance of the Spirit apologize for your mistakes that have kept other people from hearing the melody that is the Gospel of Jesus. May you learn to play the right notes at the right times that people are so captivated that they can't help but follow the Conductor of the Orchestra of Creation, Jesus, and find that they are finally doing what they were created for, giving the glory to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.

Guest Writer