Mitzvah verses Averah

Just a thought.

Mitzvah verses Averah.
Mitzvah: the hebrew word for good deeds.
Averah: the hebrew word for sin.
Mitzvah: good for something.
Averah: good for nothing.
Mitzvah: leading a blind man across the street.
Averah: drawing a map of how to cross the street for a blind man.

To Judaism, and conclusively to Christianity, averah is not an action of simply doing bad, it is an action of doing nothing good for anyone.

Jesus has the most tender heart of all of us. The action of giving someone a glass of cold water on a hot day is enough to bring him to tears. And to deny someone a cup of cold water would also bring him to tears, but not for the same reason.

Mitzvah: good for something
Averah: good for nothing
Performing a Mitzvah: good for everyone
Performing a Averah: good for no one

Choose wisely. Will you shower your day with Mitzvot or Averot (the "ot" ending is just the plural suffix in hebrew)?

Will your day, your life be good for everyone or good for no one, including yourself? Will you let God help teach your soul to flourish or will you deny God's teachings and watch your soul decay?

Learn to look upon Jesus' example of how to perform Mitzvot, and learn to look upon the Cross on Calvary for the forgiveness of Averot. And remember that God loves you no matter what. But know that He does earnestly want you to be His partner in blessing this world, His children, and teaching people how to live a life worth living.

Every day you have the choice presented to you again. Actually every moment of the day you have the choice presented to you again and again.

Choose wisely.
Mitzvah verses Averah.
Just a thought.


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