It’s the Little Things

One thing I have noticed recently is in a more real sense God is everywhere. This occured to me as I started riding my bike a lot more. While I ride along the bike path I am surrounded by His awesome creation. The Oak trees tower over me, Squirrels, Wild Turkeys, run about their business while the Acorn Woodpeckers peck away at the trees above. The beautiful American River flowing steadily through the valley. It is all just so beautiful to me. One thing that really struck me as I began riding my bike more is that I know this stuff isn't here by accident. I know there is a creator behind all this. The most mind blowing thing about that is, this creator knows me, he loves me, he cherishes me, he knows my name. This creator, God, sent his son Jesus Christ down to die for my sin. And if I was the only human left on this earth he would have died for me still, me Bryce Cooley of Rancho Cordova, CA. NOW THATS LOVE. AMAZING.

It amazes me that the God orchestrates certain things in my day to bring me joy. I admit this is a little odd, but one day as I was walking home from work I noticed the sun shooting through a bush on the side of the road. Normally that is nothing that necessarily excites me, but this day it was different.

When I actually thought about this thing I often take for granted I realized how it is actually a miracle. God had to bring together so many different factors for the sun to hit at that exact angle, to form that exact shadow, so when I walked by I could see it and be encouraged and Praise Him. He cares enough about me that he did that to me that day about 3 years ago. It has stuck with me ever since. Can you think of any time where something like that has happened to you? I would love to hear about it, e-mail me from the contact page under devotions. When I actually go out into his beautiful creation I feel at home. Away from the rushed lifestyle I live in town I get to be away for awhile. I get to talk with him, read my bible, or just absorb the beauty of his creation.

Our God is an artist, he painted the sunset, he created the clouds we love to look at, the stars that scatter the skys. Though they may not recognize it is God even non Christian people would recognize we live in an amazing world. I noticed this as I looked for pictures of Sunsets, Clouds, Beaches, Mountains on Google Image Search. Some of the pictures were absolutley breath taking, and I know that is why these people took them. The thing I love though is, it doesn't end at saying "wow what a beautiful sunset", we can give all praise to God for creating that sunset for us. That is HUGE. What joy we have in knowing the Lord. It makes life so much more amazing, hope filled and joyful we have a purpose. We have a God and we need to be telling other people of what he has done for them.

Next time you go outside and go about your business stop and look around. Watch the birds fly, feel the wind on your skin, look at the trees and know God brought all this together. How amazing is our God, how giant He is.

Bryce Cooley
I've been doing some form of ministry since 2000. For 13 years I was involved in the youth ministry at Cordova Neighborhood Church as everything from youth intern to youth pastor. God has led me and my lovely wife Bethany to Church of the Foothills where I currently reside as the Digital Publishing Coordinator. I'm excited to see where God leads my wife and I.