I’m A Real Boy

Just recently I took a large group of students to a conference hosted by a California-based worship band and youth movement not far from my home in the Sacramento area. During one of their amazing movie-quality intro videos, a verse from the book of Deuteronomy popped up and it got me thinking.

Deuteronomy 28:13

13 If you listen to these commands of the Lord your God that I am giving you today, and if you carefully obey them, the Lord will make you the head and not the tail, and you will always be on top and never at the bottom.

Being a young person who loves to “go against the grain,” I didn’t quite understand the verse. In a coin toss I always choose tails. When my dad thinks he knows the fastest route to a destination, sometimes I might take a different way on purpose. If I am not a fan of either team in the Super Bowl, I will root for the one my friends don’t like. Come on friends; you know it is more fun that way. And by the way, isn’t there a verse in the New Testament about how the body has many parts and all have equal importance? (The answer is yes, 1 Corinthians 12:12). So, why is the tail a bad thing to be?

I feel like God gave me an answer a couple of days later. I was running my bloated, albino, seal-looking Pit Bull when I realized why I didn’t want to be a tail. My fat dog, whom I outrun miserably now as I have gotten into shape, has a slight bladder problem. Have you ever noticed when a dog goes to the bathroom and looks at you, it has this “Do You Mind?!” look on its face? I find it hilarious that my butch female pit bull looks embarrassed while she goes to the bathroom like nine times in one run. Anyways, after that pointless ramble there is a point. Here is the deal: the tail is right near where the waste is removed from the body. Let’s take it further and a little less far-fetched. How can you tell when a dog is scared? Later on in the run she jumped at another dog to play, but people don’t usually like lunging pit bulls, so I got mad at her and her tail went between legs: she submitted.

You ready for something you can take to heart yet?  Here we go.  When she tucked her tail, I felt like God told me this: The Head is the place that leads the body.  It is a place of Attack.  The head is the place that has direction.  It is a place that eats, sees, points.  It is a place that has “bite.”  The tail, however, is a place of submission. The tail is a place where cowards dwell and fear arises. Boom!

You know what Fear is, right? Fear is the opposite of Faith. And if Faith is trust in God, then Fear is just Faith in the Devil.

Do You Fear doing something crazy or significant for God?

Let’s quickly talk about The Enemy. In Genesis he is pictured as a Snake, right? Then at the end of the Bible in Revelation what is the enemy pictured as? A Dragon. Notice the difference? Somebody has been feeding this enemy. Is he getting fatter because he doesn’t have to work as hard against us Christians? Or is he simply building an army of people acting like Puppets that he controls with things like Addictions, Apathy, and Sin. I once heard that the enemy is okay with apathetic Christians; He trembles at people living like Jesus.

My Pastor often says, “We need an Army, not an Audience.” The Enemy is okay with you going to Church. It is when Church leaves the building that he gets upset. God created you for Greatness. He is building an army of Fericous, Attacking, Biting Heads. He doesn’t want fearful, timid, trembling tails.

The God of the universe wants to make a soldier out of you.

Yes, we each are a unique part of the army, with a unique weapon, but all of our Ammunition is the same. We all reload our Weapons with–get this–Love.

You were made for greatness. If you’re reading this and have been passionless…if you’re reading this and are scared to take your faith to the next level…if you are a little upset that I said fear is just faith in the enemy, then I have news for you.

The God of the universe has made you uniquely. And when you’re not fighting for him, The Army is missing a unique weapon. We are missing a powerful, Christ-like Head.

You weren’t made to have strings, and here is a Secret: There is a pair of scissors in your back pocket. It is time to cut the strings and yell out from the front lines, staring down a dragon in the distance, and yell with many others, “I’m a REAL Boy! And…

I am a Head!”

Guest Writer