I do not know you… – Jesus

"I am so lucky that I went to church yesterday!" I thought to myself.

Then I saw some people being dragged away from the gate by a horde of malformed creatures. "Jesus… Jesus!! But we even cast out demons in Your Name!" they screamed. "Get away from Me, for I do not know you!" said a voice from the cloud above. Suddenly their screams turned to shrieks as they disappeared into the abyss.

As I got closer to the front, I was more and more convicted about who I really was. I was feeling increasingly uneasy. My arms and legs started to tremble. Was I actually OK? The line in front of me was getting shorter, but nobody entered through the gate. More and more people were being dragged away, and an awful stench was filling the air.

Then I was at the front. I could see nothing. Just light. Why should I let you in? A deafening voice said. I could not speak, I was frozen like a block of ice. "Be… be… because I am a good person…" I stuttered. Suddenly images of my life flashed before my eyes. Every bad thing I ever did as seen by Him, even images of those things I did when I was alone were there. I wasn't alone, He saw it all! I even saw the "good" things I did for others, for which I did not give Him the glory. His presence combined with the images almost ripped me apart. "Please stop! I beg You Jesus!" I could not stand the person shown in the images. I realized that no good thing I ever did could make up for who I was. I was so unlike Him. I had little love in me. It was clear to me that I failed horribly. "Please have mercy Jesus! I believe You are the Son of God! You are King!" I could feel His sorrow in the air. It was like every breath I inhaled was filled with tears. I could not stand it! "Please sweet Jesus have mercy!" I was lying flat on my face at His feet. "Get away from Me, for I do not know you." He whispered softly. Then silence. I felt something gnawing at my left leg. I looked back only to see Death. It was being burned by the light of His presence, but it wanted me so bad that it did not care. Two, four, a dozen horrid arms grabbed me and started pulling me away from Him. They hurt me as they dragged me. They did not care at all.

Through a blood smeared face I saw someone enter the through the gate. What did he do right? Then I understood. Probably nothing. Jesus was the answer. If I only would have died trying to know Him for who He is. But I died for myself and my own pleasure.

Now I'm in a place where there is nothing of Jesus. No love, mercy, grace, peace. These demons don't care. They hate me. I hurt so badly. Every day they remind me that I wasted Jesus' death on the cross. That I had the key all along. But they don’t really care. They never will…

It is not my intention to scare anyone with this story, just to get you thinking about your life. I am not saying heaven and hell will be exactly like this. Heaven will be infinitely more glorious, hey – the Lord God lives there! Hell will be unimaginably worse ” not a single part of God is there. Think about it for a second. Imagine your life now. Imagine the worst situation your mind can create ” the worst thing that could possibly happen to you. The Holy Spirit is still there. He is not in hell. That is the one place where you are forsaken by God. That is why Jesus said on the cross "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" (Matt 27:46) ” so you won't have to. Ever.

But you must realize that this is pure grace. Nothing, nothing, nothing you ever do could make you deserve His grace. That is how much He loves You. He came from heaven where angels and the most spectacular creatures worship Him to earth where He was tortured, spit on and killed by the likes of us. Don’t think you did not have any part of it. Each and every single sin you commit is one more lash on the back of Jesus. But He loves you. That’s why He did it! So you could love Him! He loves you so much that He wanted to show you. That's why you should hate sin like Jesus hates it. That's why you should tell people about His mercy!

If you do not have a personal relationship with Jesus, I would seriously advise you to see your local pastor/minister, before… well you know.

Guest Writer