He’s In The Other Room

Let's be honest, God is in the other room, not even sitting with us while our lives are going under. We hear all the time that He is always by our side, what a nice little fairy tale to tell all of us before we go to sleep. God has left the room, yep, Jesus is next door, not here.

Tell me of one person that you have seen today that never thinks that and I will give them the award for Person of Faith of Forever.

God does not always seem like He is always here, ooh a devotion that says such a thing? How could this be a devo then, aren't you not supposed to say that God isn't here? Whoa, hold on, read on.

Many of the questions of the Christian life can be answered just by a little change of perspective and by being honest.

Is it that Jesus got up from sitting next to us, consoling us, helping us, comforting us, protecting us, and has walked out of our lives and into the other room? Or is it that we have gotten up from sitting next to Jesus and being in His presence and went out the door to the other room? Did we do such a thing without even realizing it?

Can we really blame God and shake our fist at Him for us walking out on Him? Can a teenager really say to the parent "I hate you because I always walk out on you when you are just trying to help me." Honesty, honesty is key here, is the teenager's statement valid? No, of course not you say, because you're smart and you know that it is not a valid reason to hate the parent.

The prophet Jeremiah was told by the Lord Almighty that "…you will seek Me and find Me when you seek Me with all of your heart." Here is where faith comes in, do you actually believe that such a statement was intended to be read by you?

We mutter and pout sometimes, be honest, because Jesus appears to be in the other room nowhere near us. But in the times that God seems far away you have to remember that it is not God that moved, Hebrews calls Jesus the anchor of our salvation, Jesus is steadfast, He cannot and will not be moved. But we can, if we do not do our best to love God and neighbor with everything that we are, we can be taken far away from God.

So next time that the love and the peace and the joy of Jesus seem so very distance and nonexistant, remember what was said, "…you will seek Me and find Me when you seek Me with all of your heart."

And so, may you with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, repent of the things that have pulled you so very far from God, and walk into the other room, into His presence. And may you find the God of creation sitting next to you, consoling you, helping you, comforting you, protecting you, and loving you. Because it was not Jesus that walked away from you, but perhaps you that walked away from Him. May you seek after God with all of your heart, and may you instead find Him closer to you than as far away as you had thought.

Guest Writer