Get A Life: What If’s

Over the course of my nineteen years, there was an idea ingrained in me. Simply put, I don’t have enough faith. This has led me to a series of “What if’s?” creeping in life and creating a ton of anxiety. That anxiety can be released in various healthy or unhealthy ways.  The issue with faith or lack thereof is not necessarily the problem. The problem is how I deal with the anxiety that builds up inside. It is a chain reaction.

People tell us we have to be more to earn our love.

What I am starting to discover is I amazingly never have enough faith, but I don’t need to. Jesus has, and always is, the One that goes the rest of the way. I  believe it doesn’t always matter how little or how much faith you have. God will meet you there.  Jesus did the work.  That is why “It is finished.”

God did everything for us.

The great thing about starting to accept the fact that we are never enough is that we can truly relax and find our worth in and through God. We can start letting go of past unhealthy ways of releasing anxiety, caused by stopping to try to get better. Some people would say we aren’t worth anything. They would be partially correct, except for the fact that Jesus loved us enough to die on the cross for our sins. A way out. Why? It is because He saw the potential of humanity to be right again with Him.

Now remember to get a life!

Brian Morrissette

Brian Morrissette