Get a Life: Looking The Part…

Hipsterville is what Christian churches have become today. I call it the Hipster Christian Effective-Disorder (HCED). There are many places I could take this from here. I’m not saying we need to dress up or be more old-fashioned or stuffy. Actually, the exact opposite. We need to come as we truly are. We need to be authentically ourselves. The world does not need another copy of a copy. I never want to tell someone how they should look. It just seems we, as Christians, do that with the way we walk and talk. There is no room for people to be people, which means no diversity.

We should never be something we are not!

To truly honor God is to take off the masks and reveal who we really are, just as God created us to be. We have a beautiful personal story full of pain, heartache, triumph, laughter, and love. It is what people want to see and need to be reminded of through our words. It is the way we walk. That means we need to be the real us.

Remember to live a life full of grace and love!

God loves the human version of ugly; he also loves the beautiful too. That is because we all are lovely to Him. To view a fellow human-being regardless of looks and see God’s glory in them is a true gift. One that we all need to strive for within ourselves.

Jesus loves everybody where they’re at. We should too!

I’m not any better than anybody else at all of this. I struggle with being myself around other people, especially around Christians. I cuss to my secular friends, while acting perfect to my Christian friends. I laugh at funny sexual or otherwise crude jokes around my secular friends, while I look down on it around Christians.  I struggle with sexual sin and I’m willing to admit it around my secular friends, but not around Christians. I’ve wanted to commit suicide more times than I can count on my fingers and have been comforted and related to by my secular friends, while hiding my weakness from Christians. The list could go on, but what I want to say is be yourself no matter what because that is who Jesus died for on the cross.

Jesus died for the broken! That is truth!

I want to leave you with these two questions:  Who do you think you are?  Who are you really in God’s eyes? I’m not going to answer these question for anybody – that is between you and God.

Now Remember to Get a Life!

Brian Morrissette

Brian Morrissette