Freedom of the Unknown

“There is no such thing as the right place, the right job, the right calling or ministry. I can be happy or unhappy in all situations. I am sure of it, because I have been … deciding to do this, that, or the other for the next five, ten, or twenty years is no great decision. Turning fully, unconditionally, and without fear to God is. Yet this awareness sets me free.”

-Henri J.M. Nouwen

I find it so interesting that we have been told our entire lives that our success in life is measured by what we do. When we were younger, we were asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  In high school you begin looking into colleges and choosing what you want to major in so that eventually you can get a job in that field. In your early twenties, after you’ve worked a few low-income jobs, or maybe graduated from college, you begin looking for internships or jobs that will land you a position in your dream career.

We are always completing one task, one season, in our life just to land us softly into the next. I don’t think that this is wrong; in fact, I think that it is important to plan ahead and to think about what kind of line of work you want to find yourself in. I do believe, however, that the way we go about making these decisions is wrong. My mother is full of wisdom, and one thing she always tells me is to “make plans, but don’t plan the outcome.”

We should not get caught up in what our future is “supposed” to look like because when we do that, we are placing God inside of a box. God’s plan and purpose for our lives is far more bigger than we could ever imagine. He wants to be in control of your life because He knows what is best for us. Just as Henri Nouwen says in the above quote, it’s a great decision to turn fully to God, without fear, and no matter what circumstances we encounter; this is our calling.

I try to live a simplistic lifestyle. I know being a Christian doesn’t mean things are going to be easy, by no means.  I do believe, though, that Jesus has laid everything out for us simplistically so that we can comprehend the basis of what it means to follow Him. A motto I aim to live by is “love God, love His people.”  These few words radically changed my perspective on my life and essentially altered the way I choose to live day in and day out.

Let us not get consumed in “What’s next?” or “What should I do?”  Instead, let us be consumed by the will of a loving God; in Him we will find what is next for us and what we should do.  I have found so much peace in releasing these things to God and truly embracing the freedom of the unknown.

Keep Fighting the Good Fight,


Guest Writer