Forget Resolutions, Brings on Covenants!

Ok, so it’s about to be New Year’s. By the time you read this it will probably already have been, but it’s not too late. I was thinking? in the Old Testament pretty much everyone made covenants, right? Well, not everyone, just a ton of people did.

So what’s a covenant? It’s not a very common word. Basically, it is a binding agreement, a compact, made with God. A contract. When contracts are broken there are constituencies. So what’s the difference between promising something to God and making a covenant with him? It’s binding. If you mess up, you’re gonna pay.

Sometimes I think that the word and action of a covenant get put up on a pedestal, not that a covenant isn’t important or a big deal, but it is something can and should be practiced by followers of Christ regularly. It doesn’t have to be a huge thing like Abraham and the nation of Israel. Example?

I made a covenant when I was in Papua New Guinea over the summer. I told God that I wasn’t going to eat meat (besides fish) unless I was in a country or place when it would be extremely disrespectful and offensive to turn down the food. Now, I didn’t do this because I am some crazy PETA nut, I did it for discipline. Ok, I know this is gross, by I was driving yesterday and saw a McDonald’s truck with a picture of a chicken sandwich on it. It looked so good! Now, I could have easily gone inside the next McDonald’s I saw and ordered it, but I didn’t. I said to myself, “No. I made a covenant with God. I’m not going to do that.” (and I don’t want to put that toxic waste into myself anyway).

Another one? My girlfriend lives in El Dorado Hills, I live in Rancho (kinda). It’s like a 25min. drive to her house (20min. if there’s no traffic and I speed- I don’t speed?). I used to just blast my music the whole way up and the whole way down back to my house after hanging out with her. I’d sing along for that 20mins. and it was nice. Then I realized how much my prayer life had been lacking lately, so I made yet another covenant. I told God that I would hang out and talk with him for that 20min. drive back down to my house. You know what? That drive has produced some of the best quite times I’ve ever had. It has also produced discipline in my life.

I, like a lot of people, struggle with discipline, so I made covenants to help me in those areas. Where is it that you need help? What is it that you need to give to God? So this New Year’s, even if you already did, don’t make resolutions where there is no one or anything to keep you accountable, make a covenant with God and grow.

Instead of saying that you’re going to lose 5 lbs, make a covenant that you’re going to stop being a slop and glutton. Get the idea? Grow in your walk with God this New Year’s.

Guest Writer