For The Weak?

We often hear that religion is just a crutch for the weak. And I have often heard that Christianity is only for the weak minded. Nothing could be farther from the truth. All I want to say is that the answer to the question of is Christianity for the weak is two folded, the answer is yes and no.

Mark 8:34-38 (one of my favorite passages) and parallels (Matthew 16 and Luke 9), are all about the cost of discipleship. That to follow after Christ we must deny ourselves of any comforts or addictions that inhibit us from loving God and one another more with a biblical understanding of love.

Christianity is not for the weak. I say this because it is not the weak who kill habits, sacrifice popularity, end friendships, quit jobs, and walk away from drugs or alcohol or pornography in order to follow the words of a philosophical Jew speaking of faith, love, and redemption (Jesus). Christianity a crutch? Please, the people who use crutches are those who depend on popularity, friendships, jobs, drugs, alcohol, and/or pornography to try and fill them inside and rid of the great chasm in their soul. Mark 8 and parallels talk all about how the Christian must deny him or herself of all comforts and addictions in order to follow after Christ with all of their heart, soul, and might. This does not sound like the description of someone who is weak. If anything, to do such a thing proves the Christians who do so to be of exceptional character and to be so very strong. In essence, Christ is for the strong.

But in another aspect, Christianity is for the weak. I am convinced that there are many struggles that show myself to be weak. And there are different struggles that other Christians are weak against also, for we each have our own trials and temptations. And in this regard, Christianity is for the weak. Christianity is for those who admit that they need help from somewhere outside of themselves, that they need something supernatural to aid them. We all have our own weaknesses, but it is only in Christ that we may find the empowering by His Spirit to overcome and to break the chains that bind us. In essence, Christ is for the weak.

Now look at the last sentence of the above two paragraphs, and see that Christ is for the strong and the weak. In essence, Christ is for all of us. Because He is for the whole of humanity. We all of our own strengths and weaknesses. But nothing shows anyone to be stronger than to be honest in their walk with Christ and be faithful in the face of persecution. Because it takes a great man or woman to go against the grain of this world, and to be outspoken about defying and deny ing all that this world has to offer. It takes a warrior to be beaten down, bruised, backhanded, shot, stabbed, spit on, insulted, mocked, despised, kicked in the face, and hated by the world to stand up and raise their eyes to the skies, and say, "I will gladly go through all of that again, for You, my dear sweet Jesus, who went through worse to save a wretch like me."

Christianity for the weak? Well, yes and no, but only because Christ is really for all, because He is for you and me and everyone that we know and love as well as those we don't know and don't love.

may the love of God be with you, and His Spirit help you stand strong as another soldier against the armies of darkness.

Guest Writer