Ego Trip

I have not admitted this to very many people, but I am a very sin-filled person, not just that, but sinful. I have my struggles like all of mankind. I should have probably told that fact to a lot more people than I have. I most likely would not have made so many enemies and disappointed so many people. The problem is sin gives us a feeling of self-righteousness, like we can make it on our own. It makes us question whether we really need God to be there or not. Or if that question really matters at all. I've been there. I am still at that point some times.

Sometimes we have gotten so caught up in the rules section of the Bible that we forget why Jesus died in the first place.  He died because we have sinned and fallen short. Like everybody else I am sin-filled, but yet God forgives me. I don't want to hide that because when we do we make God a sham in our lives.

Donald Miller, in his book Blue Like Jazz, says something about how we all singularly are the problem. I AM THE PROBLEM. I've also heard a Christian joke about how somebody has found the perfect church, but that was until they got there. See we are what screws things up. God is the one that is able to fix them. The only one. When we try to fix ourselves it is like quick sand. Sin is the sand, and God is outside the pit reaching for us. As we put are best effort to get out we sink deeper. We are in the quick sand we can't without help get out. He is the one and only that can provide that help.

You may be asking why God helps? It is a good question. He loves us. God has always loved us since the very beginning of time. He has known about us since forever, which may sound very strange, but God has no beginning or end. He has always known about you and me. He has seen yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

The American Christian has forgotten what grace means. It isn't a tool to make us better, but to forgive us because we will always fall short. Always. No matter how hard we try we are bound to sin. Period. Simple thought. Nothing more than that. We will always make the mistake of sin. We are headed right for it unless we accept Gods forgiveness. That is how He frees us from sin by grace. Not by works or how great I am. No, by grace alone. God wants to take that heavy pack of sin off your tired, weary back because His pack that He gives us is lighter.  

Brian Morrissette