Christian Dissatisfaction

On my way to church yesterday morning I started thinking about my faith status & how I sometimes feel so dissatisfied. I thought about all those times I hear of somebody being healed of some sickness, but it is as if the level of complete awe and amazement is just not there. It’s like I’ve grown accustomed to saying "Wow, praise the Lord!" without actually feeling the excitement in my heart. I’ve also grown tired of always having to tell second-hand events of how God is working. I want to tell people first-hand about an experience with the power of my Father.

Then God asked me: "How many blind, deaf or cripple people do you know? Have you actually made an effort to get know any people whose lives are in ruins?" He told me that the only I would ever stand in awe of His power, is if I go to where His power is needed & see it work.

It made perfect sense. How could I really get excited about some guy I don’t know getting his sight back? It would be great, I would thank Jesus, but that real level of excitement would not be there. But if my best friend was blind and got his sight back, that would bring real amazement. I realize it is because if we share the pain of others, we will share in the joy when God helps them. We must not run away from people who need God. We can not truly experience the power of God if we do not involve ourselves in situations where His power is needed. We are supposed to bring the light.

Do you need to experience God's power and grace? Be there for those who need it. We have become comfortable with a level of revelation of Jesus not even remotely close to what we should have. We should not be satisfied with past revivals. Most of us were not there, so how does it help us? The devil wants to keep us from the persistent seeking of Jesus by making us comfortable in our daily routine, thinking that a big house, fancy car and a "happy family" is all that we need. I need so much more. I need to experience what the Bible tells me about. I refuse to be content with what I currently have spiritually. I will seek Jesus until I find Him. A week old revelation is too old ” I need to experience Him daily. He is the only one I really want & need. If I do not have Jesus, I have nothing.

'till later

Guest Writer