But what if….?

Matthew 6:34 

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. 

I have addictions. 

Many addictions. 

Addictions in my past that haunt me today. 

Addictions I still deal with to this very moment. 

If you knew me a few years ago, you would know me as the chain smoking music addict. I am lucky enough to not be a chain smoker anymore. 


Well thats an addiction I can live with. 

But a few that I still struggle with today are worry and control. 

I cannot help but to worry about controlling everything. 

Worrying about making enough money. 

About be able to provide for the family I have been given. 

Knowing all the answers. 

I am a control freak. 

At times, I can't sleep because I am thinking about tomorrow. What It will bring. How NOT to dissapoint my son and fiancee. I always ask "But what if…”". 

Its intoxcating at times. Enough to make me sick. 

And where the true problem lies is not trusting that it will be taken care of. That would mean I would have to relenquish control of somthing. Let it fly aimlessly out of control. 

Not somthing that I am fond of. 

I came across a website that sort of calmed me for the first time in a long time. 

And the videos on that site, really spoke to me. I realized a few things. 

I am Second. 

I will always be. Be second to my son. To my fiancee. To God. 

By putting myself first, I will fail every time. 

So I ask you. Dont worry. Nothing is impossible for God. Let Go. 

Say "God, you got this. Because I know that I don't." 

Its hard. Its unnatural. 

But it is the only true freedom we may ever feel. 

I would love to speak to you. Please feel free to contact me via facebook. I am here for you. 

That website I am speaking of is IAmSecond.com. 

Think about stopping by, and really give the phrase a thought. 

Put yourself second. 

Because that is all you really are. 

Guest Writer