Blasphemy or Christianity

I once heard that real blasphemy is not necessarily using the name of the Lord in vain, but actually calling yourself a Christian (Christ-like or to-be-like-Christ) and to not actually live like Christ did, or wants us to. What is Jesus all about? In Matthew 22:37-40 Jesus sums it up: To love the Lord with your whole being (heart, soul and mind) and to love others as you love yourself. Sure, we’ve heard this passage about a billion times before, but do we understand it?

When was the last time a green-haired punk tattooed from head to toe marched into your church congregation sat in the front pew and just waited to be filled with the Holy Spirit? In Jesus? days people from everywhere came running, because they knew He could fill the emptiness in their lives. Why is it then that the world looks at the church of Christ as a middle class social club, looking only to help those can either help them, or conform to their (not God’s ideas) of religion. Have we become what Paul talks about in 2 Timothy 3:5 “They will hold to an outward form of godliness but deny its power. Stay away from such people.” Wow! It seems to me that the general church of today (and majority of Christians) is almost like the church in the days of Jesus. The Pharisees held so tightly to their religious beliefs and their selfishness that they would rather let people suffer than allow their normal day-to-day religious doings be interrupted (See Matthew 12:1-14). If the people out there can not see the power and love of Jesus Christ in us as Christians, they will never see it until they die ” and for some that will be too late. We were called for this holy mission, God entrusted us with His love and power. Not angels or some other supernatural beings, but us.

It is time that the world out there starts seeing Christ in us Christians. It’s time we started caring for the broken hearted, the sick and the poor. This is not a mission specifically for some chosen few. Every word in the Bible applies to you. Realize how cool this is! Jesus says in Mark 16 that those who believe will drive out demons, speak in tongues, pick up deadly snakes, drink poison with no effect and even heal the sick. That applies to YOU! Not only to some power preacher or some missionary to Mongolia, but you!

I myself feel called to reach out to the broken hearted, specifically those who reject the Lord because of lies Satan told them about Jesus, people usually found in underground clubs and basically in the gutters of life. It is a growing process; I can only pray (and I need all of you guys and gals to pray for me as well) that I will reach a place in my life that I will have the courage and boldness to step into any situation (however dangerous) knowing that I have Jesus and the whole army of heaven backing me. I trust God that there will come a time in my life that I will see the Holy Spirit working miracles through me and bring salvation to people that would never have been reached if the Lord did not send me to them!

Do you know where this starts? John 14:21. Jesus will reveal himself to those who love Him. Who loves Him? Those that keep His commandments. What is the biggest commandment? Matthew 22:37-40. There is nothing greater to have Jesus revealed to you in all His glory. I seek this with everything in me. He touched me once before (I will share this some time along with my testimony of how my life turned around) – I desperately seek His face.

You will have to be honest with yourself and God. God already knows everything about you. You can not shock God with secrets. I myself need to confront myself continuously with honesty about how I really feel towards people around me. Do I really care, or do I act as if I care or don’t I actually care at all (James 1:27)! It is said that when Jesus saw the troubled and helpless gathered around Him, He was deeply moved with compassion (Mat 9:36).

We are called to care like Christ. (John 21:16)

Guest Writer