Facebook “Paper”

Facebook: one of the central building blocks for what the social networking industry is today. We all use Facebook as a means of maintaining contact with old friends, and establishing relationships with new ones. Whether you love it or not, it’s a relevant part of modern-day communication. Today, the people who brought you Facebook are introducing Paper an app for iOS.

This new app shows a huge amount  of ambition on Facebook’s part and an attempt to revitalize their already popular site. Upon downloading, you’ll be shown the promo video for the app, showcasing it’s varying functions and fluidity. This application was created with iOS 7 in mind, so the app icon, transparent layers, and minimalistic approach all look great. Once logged into your Facebook account, you’ll be prompted to customize your News Feed, with the ability to see news headlines, technology news, and topics of interest. Don’t worry, you’ll still see your friend’s posts, pictures, and videos, but the way Paper has presented them has changed significantly. One could even argue that Paper is a more matured version of Facebook.

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  • New exciting approach to Facebook.
  • Enjoyable and intuitive Swipe Gestures.
  • Interesting photo rotation feature using your phones gyroscope.
  • Mature and refined interface.
  • New design brings new life to the Facebook experience.
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  • Difficult re-adjustment for many.
  • There is no need to fix something that isn’t broke.

New applications either have that “it” factor, or they don’t. Ever heard of Flappy Bird? It took the App Store by storm, and became an instant hit. Does Paper have that same allure? I’m not so sure. While this an overall more aesthetically pleasing version of Facebook (on iOS devices), I don’t feel that many users will make the switch.

What are your thoughts on this app? Will you be using Paper as your new Facebook client?

Anthony Ibarra
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