“Batman v. Superman” teaser trailer: Is Batman the villain?

Last week, rumors were circulating around the interwebs that we would soon be getting our first trailer from the upcoming Batman v. Superman movie. Following a leak of the trailer, Fox and Zack Snyder posted an HD version of the teaser that showcases the dark tone of the film and our first look at Batfleck!

Following the events of Man of Steel, many are questioning Superman’s role in the world and “what he should do.” One thing is clear: many revere him as a godlike figure, a “savior.” At one point, it sounds like this quote comes from Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor: “We know better now, don’t we? Devils don’t come from Hell beneath us, they come from the sky.” During the overlapped voices of various people, the camera pans onto the chest of a Superman statue that reads “False God.” All the while, a crowd of presumably angry citizens are yelling, “Go home! Go home!

The world, following the events of Man of Steel, seems torn on how to feel about Superman. However, perhaps the government doesn’t feel so torn. In the midst of the montage of clips, there is a brief scene where Superman is surrounded by a group of kneeling soldiers with what appears to be his emblem on their shoulders.

Photo Credit: Youtube
Photo Credit: Youtube

What does this mean for the film? Well, the original comic featuring the epic showdown between Batman and Superman also depicts Superman as a “lackey” that the government uses to take out Batman. Could we possibly see that type of storyline play out in this new film? Definitely. By the end of Man of Steel, Clark seemed to be reaching a sort of mutual agreement with the government, and perhaps he feels that he owes the world something because of the destruction caused during his battle with General Zod. But, if he is working for the government, does that make him the “good” guy? Would that make Batman the “bad” guy?

Photo Credit: Cosmicbook News
Photo Credit: Cosmicbook News

Ben Affleck’s expression in this shot is paralleled by Alfred’s voice (Jeremy Irons): “That’s how it starts; the fever, the rage, the feeling of powerlessness that turns good men cruel.” Perhaps this sense of “powerlessness” causes Batman to take up arms against Superman and attempt to save the human race from what he considers to be a ‘threat.’

Despite what the plot turns out to be, one thing is certain: Batman and Superman will fight. Though there may be a “firm handshake” at some point, the two will stand on opposing sides at one point in the film. Towards the end of the trailer, Batman stands in the rain in what appears to be a mechanized suit, ready to confront Superman.

Tell me: do you bleed? You will.
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