Batman gets unmasked in the second teaser for ‘Batman v. Superman’

Batman v. Superman hits theaters in about four months, so isn’t it time for a new trailer? A new teaser trailer hit the web last night, watch it below:

Talk about tense. The tone for the film, and perhaps for the DC Universe, feels distinctly different than Marvel’s signature style, which is refreshing. There are several takeaways from this teaser…

Batman’s outfit and location

We caught a glimpse of this strange desert-friendly outfit in the previous trailer, and we get a better look in this teaser. It’s interesting that Batman would be out fighting or looking for information in broad daylight, which I thought was peculiar. What does this say about Affleck’s Batman?

Armed guards bow to Superman

We mentioned the Superman symbols on the guards’ arms in a previous article, and, again, we see the guards bow to Superman as he arrives on the scene. What’s going on? Is Superman working for the government? Even so, that wouldn’t account for their behavior. Either way, these small snippets tell a lot about this universe and the film.

Superman is angry, Batman looks nervous

As Superman arrives, his expression comes in and out of shadows, showing an intensity that we didn’t see in Man of Steel. Then, we see Batman. His expression is a combination of fright and anger. Again, these micro-behaviors say a lot about the film and the dynamic between the two heroes. Probably, until this point in his life, Bruce Wayne has not encountered a threat like Superman. In reality, this is an alien. His presence on Earth caused the destruction of an entire city. In most respects, Batman could see Superman’s powers as god-like. What is he to do against this threat?

Catch the new trailer on Jimmy Kimmel tomorrow night.

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