Anthony’s Favorite Jailbreak Tweaks & Apps 2014

A jailbroken iOS device is meant to increase efficiency, and provide you with some pretty neat features. You’ve read Bryce’s list of great tweaks and apps, so now I’d like to provide you with another list of my personal favorites.

Auxo 2 is the updated version of Auxo, one of iOS 6’s most popular tweaks. It easily allows the user to seamlessly switch between apps with the help of a completely redesigned App Switcher. Auxo 2 also combines the App Switcher with iOS 7’s Control Center, making for easy access to its controls (flashlight, clock, camera) and your currently running applications. One widely requested feature from Apple is the ability to close all apps at once, which Auxo 2 provides. New users of Auxo will need to dish out $3.99 for this tweak, but it is definitely money well-spent.

ProWidgets was recently released, and will most likely become a staple of the jailbreak community. With this tweak, the user is able to bring interactive widgets to their device. These widgets enable you to quickly compose events, reminders, messages, and more.

Ayeris is a theme that can be applied to your device. For those who are unaware of these terms, a theme changes the look of all your app icons, and, sometimes, other aspects of your device. Themes are typically diverse, and users have different tastes when it comes to them. Ayeris subtly changes the iOS 7 theme.

iTouchSecure is a pretty nifty tweak that gives iPhone 5s users more functionality out of their fingerprint scanner. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could fill in more passwords with your TouchID? Well, that is what iTouchSecure provides. The tweak allows your phone to securely store passwords from apps, and even websites, which in turn allows the user to simply scan their fingerprint instead of typing in their full password.

3G Unrestrictor 5 is a jailbreak application that essentially removes download restrictions. Have you ever wanted to download music, movies, TV shows, or anything else, that exceeded the 100MB limits from the App Store? Well, this app removes those restrictions, and allows you use cellular data for any size download. This is of no consequence to me, as I currently have unlimited data on my Verizon account. Most people I know are not so fortunate, so beware of using all your data!

There are so many great tweaks, apps, and themes that you can choose from. Of course, you must have a jailbroken device to access these features. Look back on one of our previous articles over the process, and comment below if you have any questions.

Anthony Ibarra
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