‘Advanced Warfare’ introduces a new era to the Call of Duty franchise

I wouldn’t consider myself a gamer, but I have followed several major franchises over the years. It all started with the original GameBoy Color and a copy of Pokemon Red Version. The Halo franchise was another popular series that I followed, and the franchise will surely be revived to its former glory with the upcoming Halo 5: Guardians game. Recently, Sledgehammer Games developed and released the latest installment into the Call of Duty franchise: Advanced Warfare.

In the middle of all of these additions, the exo-suit remains the focus of the campaign and multiplayer game modes. The abilities provided by the Exo-Suit are welcome additions into the franchise; the movements are so fluid and natural that I’ve wondered why these abilities haven’t been included sooner. Players will immediately notice an added dimension to the game: verticality. This simply means instead of merely running around a map, players are able to use their Exo-Suit to jump around the map. The features included into the Exo allows players to maneuver the field in a new way and escape dire situations in a jiffy. Included with the Exo is its secondary features like a riot shield, cloaking abilities, added health, and more.

The game’s slogan accurately conveys my thoughts on the release: power changes everything. Newly added features such as the exo-suit/abilities, boost dodge/boost jump/boost slam, the Pick-13 system, and the new directed-energy weapons showcase a new kind of warfare. The Pick-13 system, based off of the Black Ops Pick-10 system, is a way for players to uniquely customize their loadouts according to their playing style. This means that players can forgo any kill streaks in favor of weapon attachments and vice-versa. With the inclusion of advanced tech, the multiplayer mode also includes a new type of weapon: directed-energy weapons. Based on real research, these weapons use concentrated energy to take out enemies and have virtually unlimited ammunition. While equipping your Operator (name given to your soldier), you also have the ability to test your loadouts in the virtual firing range.

As for the Campaign mode, many people who saw the trailer caught a glimpse of the Atlas Corporation and its president Jonathan Irons, portrayed by Kevin Spacey (House of Cards). The story focuses on Atlas’ acquisition of power around the world and what happens when one private military corporation controls the world. Uncoincidently, the story of Advanced Warfare could be seen as a bleak look into a possible future of the world. The team at Sledgehammer researched the realities of private military corporations and the state of current military technology. In one form or fashion, the tech and weapons in Advanced Warfare is based on real possibilities.

Fans who pre-ordered the game were rewarded with the Advanced Arsenal, downloadable content that equipped your Operator with the brass Exo-Suit, EM-1 Quantum, and more. There was another added incentive; pre-orders were also released to the customers a day early, which was referred to as ‘Day Zero.’ Needless to say, this is one of the best games of the year. The Campaign, alone, contains perhaps one of the most compelling stories of 2014. Advanced Warfare is, undoubtedly, the Call of Duty fans were asking for. Sledgehammer Games brought a whole new take on the Call of Duty franchise, and it is tough to say where the other studios will go next. Hopefully, we will all be surprised. Advanced Warfare definitely feels like the Call of Duty fans have been waiting for.

Anthony Ibarra
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