NYCC announces another new Wonder Woman comic from DC!

Two months ago, DC Comics released, “Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman” and this fangirl was beyond excited. The Sensation series is an out of continuity collection of single shot stories. The author of any given issue essentially tells any Wonder Woman story they want. They tell new or pre-52 stories. (New 52 refers to DC’s complete reboot of titles, characters, and the DC universe back in 2011.) Sensation has provided some terrific stories in the first two issues already.

Today, at New York Comic Con, DC informed fans that they will be releasing a SECOND new comic entitled, WONDER WOMAN ’77. Taking a cue from the BATMAN ’66 books that feature the Adam West/Burt Ward version of Batman and Robin, DC’s newest title will capture the essence of Lynda Carter, the woman who has epitomized Wonder Woman in so many hearts and minds through the years.DC’s website says this:

“On the heels of the SENSATION COMICS FEATURING WONDER WOMAN launch will be WONDER WOMAN ’77, a new series based on the popular 1970s television show starring Lynda Carter. The series will be written by Marc Andreyko with several covers drawn by Nicola Scott. Additional artists for the project will be named in the coming weeks. WONDER WOMAN ’77 will debut digitally in December with six consecutive weekly chapters. These will be collected in two print issues to be released early in 2015. The series will then resume in the spring and appear periodically throughout the year.”

I am personally thrilled to see the kind of stories I grew up on, and which made me interested in superheroes as a very small Wonder Girl myself. Thank you DC!!!

Sierra O'Loughlin
I am a wife (sixteen years), mother (fourteen & eleven years), and believer (eighteen years). I love reading, movies, Superman, baking, and writing. I have over 1500 comic books and forty-eight superhero t-shirts. It's a small obsession. I have worked as a teacher's aide for six years at a small private school, and am currently working only as a substitute to spend more time with family and to do more writing. I am truly blessed.