ChristCore has taken many shapes over the years. The latest inception of ChristCore is that of a weekly (sometimes bi-weekly podcast) with Bryce, Anthony & Mark talking about culture, pop-culture and faith. We enjoy being a part of the conversation and sharing our passions, frustrations and thoughts on everything from America’s political landscape to the latest movies in theaters. Check out our podcasts below, let us know your thoughts and tell your friends!


Our pop-culture discussion podcast covering Tech, TV, Movies and sometimes culture.

Ep. 53: Predestined To Suck

Mark & Bryce get all inceptiony and talk about podcasts on a podcast *head explodes*. Basically we talk about a brief (and wholly...


Want to know what we think on different issues? No? Well, than I got nothin…

Ep. 28: Is Christian Higher Education Worth It?

Today we are joined by the dubstep pastor himself Jared Huntsinger to discuss Christian Higher Education. Why? Because we're not sure a...

Musical Malarky

We like music, sometimes we like to talk about it at cafe LaBeat & record it.

Ep. 2: Musical Malarky: Adele & Justin Bieber

This week in the lost episode of Musical Malarky we discuss two albums released in late 2015.  Adele is a classy English lady with one...

Our Flixtapes

Not sure what to watch? ¬†Check out Bryce, Anthony & Mark’s flixtapes. ¬†Green for family friendly, Orange for teen & up, Red for adults only!

Halloween Week 2

A misture of Indie Indie horror will round out the list this week. With everything from the beautiful haunted landscapes in "the Awakening"...

Halloween Week 1

Toddler Fodder

The Nixtape

Good Ole Donnie Yen